Georges CRONSTEADT Pro Signature

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Georges CRONSTEADT Pro Signature (Endurance)

When you try the Georges CRONSTEADT Pro Signature Blade, you’ll want to keep it.

Through a lengthly and precious collaboration with our team rider, one of the world’s best waterman, we designed the perfect weapon; a paddle blade that’ll increase everyone’s performance.

This is our crown jewel of technology.

This lightweight paddle, which weighs in under 400 grams, is ultra light and comfortable in your hands.

The outlines of this paddle have been perfectly designed for long distance races. We found an angle and vertical curve that allows for longer strokes and is optimized for a cleaner catch that keeps your power in the front of the stroke. The attack face maintains the power throughout the stroke and allows for a clean blade exit with no turbulence or cavitation. Whether you need a long powerful stroke or need to accelerate easily, this blade is the blade you need to improve your long distance SUP racing results.

The WEAPON BLADE package includes : 

  • The WEAPON BLADE of your choice ( S, M, L)

  • The SHAFT of your choice (XF, F, M)

  • A handle

  • Shipping box