MANEA 2019

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The MANEA has been designed to be super light and very fast in flat water conditions. The nose is shaped to gently enter the water with as little drag as possible and the lateral curves use the pressure of the water to help propel the board forward. The recessed deck keeps the  rider closer to the water, and a lower center of gravity gives a better balance that translates into more power per stroke. 

We also use unidirectional carbon reinforcement bands in precise locations on top of the biaxial carbon layers, which translates into a very stiff and ultra lightweight flat water paddle board. 


This 2019 Edition has been built in 2 volumes to allow all types of riders to be able to paddle with a board adapted to their weight. We added chined rails and reduced the tail width, which allow the rider to get the best stability for buoy turns, and we designed a thinner nose for a better penetration in the water.

We have changed the design to a much more race style, with a gloss finish which means less grip in the water. The pad is also lighter, more airy and with a better grip. 



The 2019 MANEA race board package includes : 

  • The MANEA race board

  • A race board bag 

  • A flatwater & sprint fin 

  • A heavy duty coil leash 

  • Shipping box