AIR SUP + PADDLE 10'6 x 32" ECO

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  • The AIR SUP ECO board (21 lb)
  • A backpack bag (2.2 lb)
  • Manual pump (2.2 lb) 
  • Shipping box (2.2 lb )
  • ABS Fin
  • 425pro 3 pieces  aluminum paddle (adjustable)

Our Air SUP ECO package is the perfect choice if you want to have your first stand up paddle experiences, and are looking for a good quality board but with a lower budget. This board is our entry-level board with a much simpler technology and construction. Made out of a single layer fused-on drop stitch, the Air SUP ECO package is delivered with a 3-piece aluminum paddle with ABS blade, an ABS fin, an entry-level bag, a single manual pump and a repair kit.

With a similar shape than the Air SUP All round board, it is a very good board for cruising purposes and is really easy to carry around. 

Only the US market !!!