AIR SUP FISHERMAN 12' x 35" 2018

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Our Air SUP Fisherman board is extremely durable, portable, and super stable, making it an ideal option for anglers with this perfect fishing platform. This board is large enough for your fishing cooler, tackle box, and plenty of other gears. Up front is a bungee storage area, and there is also a second bungee area on the back half of the deck that is totally adjustable. 

Its drop-stitch construction is also highly resistent to cuts, scrapes, and punctures.



A double bungee rope at nose will let you secure all personal belongings like a dry bag, extra clothes or water bottle to your board, and attach you tackle box and other fishing gears. Another bungee rope on the back of the deck is also totally adjustable.



These padded carry handles are placed at nose, center and tail of your AIR SUP Fisherman board.

They are made with neoprene makes a huge difference in terms of comfort level, it will help you to carry your board on long distance to get to the water. 






This high pressure valve allows you to get the most out of your inflatable SUP. This adapter uses a compressor to inflate the SUP to the desired PSI without the labor. 




The AIR SUP FISHING packages includes : 

  • The AIR SUP FISHING (31,75 lb)
  • A back pack bag (2,2 lb)
  • A manuel pump (2,2 lb )
  • Shipping box (2,2 lb)

 Only US market !!!