AIR SUP ALL ROUND 10'6 x 32" 2018

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Our AIR SUP All round board 10'6 x 32" ticks all boxes of an outstanding box up SUP experience. It has got the looks, the performance, and can be transported around very easily. 

This board has been designed for cursing purposes and trials fast and straight when set open the still waters. 

FUSION TECHNOLOGY is outstanding :

  DURABILITY - Your Air SUP is more durable than ever thanks to a proprietary strong multi-layer coating that we use to manufacture our entire line of products.

  LIGHTER - The FUSION TECHNOLOGY fabrication process shaves up to 2kgs off the final Air SUP architecture as compared to previous double-layer construction methods.

  BEAUTIFUL ADVANCED DESIGN - FUSION TECHNOLOGY is superior from A to Z, resulting in a perfect finish. No wrinkles or flaws to hinder you, just a smooth feeling to the touch and ride.


 A double bungee rope at nose will let you secure all personal belongings like a dry bag, extra clothes or water bottle to your board, and attach you tackle box and other fishing gears. Another bungee rope on the back of the deck is also totally adjustable.


 These padded carry handles are placed at nose, center and tail of your AIR SUP Fisherman board.

They are made with neoprene makes a huge difference in terms of comfort level, it will help you to carry your board on long distance to get to the water. 


 This high pressure valve allows you to get the most out of your inflatable SUP. This adapter uses a compressor to inflate the SUP to the desired PSI without the labor. 



The AIR SUP ALL ROUND board packages includes: 

  • The AIR SUP ALL ROUND board (21 lb)
  • A backpack bag (2.2 lb)
  • A manual pump (2.2 lb) 
  • Shipping box (2.2 lb )

     Only US market !!!